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Archive for October, 2005

October 26th, 2005: 3:53 am
My hard drive started to fail so I had to get a new one.  250 Gb!  Woo!  Thats about 100 GMail accounts right there.
Its a ton of space at present-day usage.  How do I plan to use it?
60 GB – Recording TV shows (PVR)
50 GB – Music
25 GB – Other Misc Video and Audio
50 GB – Workspace for use when compiling video clips to DVD (still working on that World Trip footage…)
1 GB – temp space for test Programming projects
30 GB – Misc/TBA
something like that…
[added Oct 27] — Oops I also forgot about 30 GB (or something like that) to hold my digital photos!
October 21st, 2005: 10:43 pm
Well, we went at the start of the month, only to realize that the $1 promotion had ended!  How rude!  What are we supposed to do now???  The search for a new weekly $1 special is on, and there is still no beating the $1 Whoppers that Burger King had a few years ago…
October 17th, 2005: 4:29 am

Yesterday we saw Michael Flatley’s Celtic Tiger show.  While it was enjoyable, it should have been called "The Michael Flatley Irish Variety Hour Followed By A Tribute to America Hour"  The dancing and all was entertaining, but a lot of it could have been any tap dance show for the most part.  It also contained massive doses of American Patriotism in the second act, which must go over well in the States.


I guess its my fault for not seeing Riverdance, where I presume there would have been more Irish Dancing on show.

October 12th, 2005: 10:16 pm