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Archive for February, 2006

February 25th, 2006: 3:13 am
I got a wedding invitation in the mail yesterday, filled it out, and dropped it in the main this morning.  This is an amazing feat, considering I usually toss the invitations on a desk to "get around to", forget, and send back sometime after the RSVP date!
February 15th, 2006: 12:15 am
Valentines has always been about getting a heart-shaped pizza from Boston Pizza.
Oh… that and going to WalMart the next day for cheap candy!
February 9th, 2006: 9:39 pm
If you ever thought you didnt eat enough for a meal, try being this guy.
February 7th, 2006: 6:53 am
I got two 50/50 tickets and the prize was $23,000.
My tickets:
  • 1244173
  • 1244174

Winning ticket:

  • 1244168

I laughed for two minutes!  The game was good, and a shootout win is always exciting.

February 6th, 2006: 2:23 am
This past week was pretty bad (yet delicious!) for eating out:
  • Monday: OPM
  • Tuesday: Quiznos
  • Wednesday: Boston Pizza
  • Thursday: Earl’s
  • Saturday: Costco
  • Sunday: Swiss Chalet
February 2nd, 2006: 4:36 pm
So apparently, telegram service has ended a week ago (news blurb).  While I knew that telegram services existed, I never questioned why, or more specifically, when it would end.  I never received a telegram, but now that its gone, I think it would have been a cool novelty to have received at least one in my lifetime.  So the lesson of the story is… ummm… make sure you have received a postcard from someone you know, while there is still time.
I also wonder if they replaced the service with something equivalent.  Can I still go to these offices, and say "I want to send a message from A to B", and have them take care of it?  I suppose that even if they used an internet chat window instead of a telegram, and then performed the same delivery as before, it should be cheaper and maybe less prone to error.