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June 28th, 2006: 11:18 pm
We returned from our around the world trip a year ago yesterday.  It seems like so long ago.  After returning, there was no semblance of a regular daily routine, nor could I even remember what it was like (nor did I really want to).  But one year later, the routines have become exactly what they used to be.  Its kind of weird how that happens.
There are still many places from the trip that I want to go back to.  One of the things that stands out the most is anytime I see a photo of the European promenades causes me to want to be back in that surrounding.
The "Next Big Trip" will not be anywhere near as long or expensive, but there are definately some targets on the radar.  As for when, well thats not as clear as where we’d go.
June 20th, 2006: 4:18 am
They didn’t win the Stanley Cup, but still had one of the greatest seasons in a long time.  I think I saw more wins this season than I even have in the past.  The team’s improbable playoff win was so amazing: knocking off the first place Wings, coming back from a 2-0 defecit against San Jose, dealing with the flu against Anaheim, recording the first ever shootout goal in playoff finals history, recording the first ever overtime shorthanded goal in finals history, losing their star goalie due to injury, and still making it to a Stanley Cup Game Seven takes a lot.  And its been the most fun time following it.  With a lot of favourite players on this team, I hope it sticks together over the summer, and that there is more to see from them next year.
It was unusual to still be following hockey at this time of year, when attention usually turns to football and the Eskimos.  But, now that the rain has subsided, I think its time to head outside and continue the fun that this summer has started off with.
June 13th, 2006: 4:53 am
Who really gives a crap?  These commercials are really annoying.  You know, if I want to eat pizza, and I am eating pizza, I really don’t care if it came from a restaurant or the freezer if it tastes good.  Stop wasting my life thirty seconds at a time with your stupid commercials.
June 7th, 2006: 7:56 pm
Tiffany has been a part of a local film called SEG/ME/NTS which is about to make its big debut.  This is really exciting as there is a lot of hard work put into this, and it is about to get its public exposure.  If you would like to come and show your support, it will be playing at the Roxy Theatre (10708-124 Street) on June 16, 17, and 18.
Friday – June 16th – Showtime: 8pm
Saturday – June 17th – Showtime: 8pm
Sunday – June 18th – Showtime: 2pm
Admission is $10 except for Sunday, which is "pay what you can"
SEG/ME/NTS is an epic urban crime drama, consisting of three self-contained, yet interconnected films: THE INTRUDER, MUSICAL CHAIRS and VISIONS.
  • In THE INTRUDER, we follow the adventures of a cat burglar who becomes obsessed with breaking into people’s homes – just to watch them sleep.
  • MUSICAL CHAIRS is the story of six strangers who wake one morning to find themselves poisoned by a man they’ve never met.
  • VISIONS tells the tale of a police detective afflicted with premonitions of murders before they take place.
More information, including trailers, can be seen at http://www.tyrantpictures.com  Click it now!
See you there

June 4th, 2006: 7:04 pm

Let’s consider that last bit of time without any new posts a Spring Break, and that this is a new season of posts.

The last while has seen some traveling, and rental cars.  Late April was spent at my cousin’s wedding in Sask (congratulations again!).  Some 2000 km were put on a rental car over a 3 day period.  I’m sure they are wondered "what the hell?" but it was fun to do some highway driving with a newer car thats not a diesel.  At some point later on I will have some photos posted of rural Saskatchewan style.

A few weeks ago saw us off to sunny Los Angeles (not that it wasnt sunny here at the same time) for some shopping, sight-seeing, and Disney.  Driving around out there is a little zanier, but even though the traffic is denser, it actually is a lot more free-flowing, making it pretty easy as long as you are paying attention.  Also good: car pool lanes!

So now its time to be local for a while.  And clean the house/garage up.

June 4th, 2006: 6:56 pm

– social networking & finding things out from people indirectly over time
– coupons — cheap?
– blog effect (other people starting blogs)
– other people use blogs as excuse to not communicate