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Archive for May, 2008

May 30th, 2008: 11:39 pm

Whenever the elevator at work moves between Ground and Second floors, the display flashes a 5 for a split second. Also, the elevator frequently makes phantom stops on the second floor.

How hard can it really be to program an elevator?

May 25th, 2008: 10:54 pm

If you hear for the first time that Steven Spielberg made a video game, you’d think it was going to be an Epic Story told with Rich HD Graphics. Instead, he simply wanted to make something fun and simple for his kids.

How many times have you taken a collection of small rectangular items and stacked them up? And then how many times have you knocked your tower over (or someone else’s)? Boom Blox takes these primal urges just a little further, and then gives it to you in hand-wavy simplicity on the Wii.

While there are other things available in this game, I have mostly played modes involving throwing baseballs or bowling balls at various towering structures composed of blocks. I can’t stop knocking stuff over! As soon as one mission is complete, the craving to knock over another tower quickly sets in. Its a good thing I am mostly unpacked now, or the piled up moving boxes would have become some tempting targets…

I can’t help but wonder if Boom Blox and Jenga are some sort of Grade 1 “virtual sandbox” course for terrorist children.

May 22nd, 2008: 9:37 pm

Today’s lesson comes courtesy of a leaking garage roof: Always ensure your collectibles cannot get wet! Store them in plastic bins when possible, and always always place them on a shelf up off the floor.

While shuffling things around in the garage to start placing shelves and content in their new locations, I left some piles of boxes that had yet to be sorted. Unfortunately the bottom (cardboard) box of one of these piles was right in the middle of the drip puddle, and its contents were Tiffany’s beloved Disney Lithograph Prints from the last 15+ years. Thankfully, some of them remained dry, but the older ones are pretty difficult to replace.

Now I’m going to have to get new plastic boxes for my hockey cards, just to be safe!

May 21st, 2008: 10:16 pm

After being away from work for a week plus a long weekend to get settled into the new home, I forgot my work password!

May 20th, 2008: 8:56 pm

Not even two weeks from canceling the newspaper do we find out we almost missed out on one of the concerts we’d drop everything and run to. Pink Martini!

This act of musical euphoria will be taking place June 24, and tickets are going fast. I just might have to get a newspaper subscription again…

May 19th, 2008: 10:15 am

Un/packing tends to surface some interesting things. Some of our wedding gift thank you cards accidentally never got sent. Some of these cards were to important people. That’s really embarrassing — you can’t really save face on something like that. Sorry!