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Archive for December, 2004

December 30th, 2004: 7:53 am

Christmas has been a nice break from work. Happy New Year everyone!

I think I will like adding entries into this page, but for this past month, things have been so crazy busy that there has not been much time to do much but work and sleep and occasionally eat. I have been punching in much time at work, and Tiffany has been in the play ‘The King and I’ which just wrapped up at Festival Place. Right after work ended for the holdiays, things immediately switched over to the family dinners and gatherings for Christmas, so just now things have slowed for some enjoyable relaxation.

I have added some of my revent favourites to a song list. I am sure I forgot a few, but dont have my iPod with me at the moment. Maybe I’ll update it later.

December 2nd, 2004: 10:25 pm

This is my blog.  I used to have a web page that had new comments every now and then.  But now I want something that I can add photos to and stuff.  I am too lazy to make my own web page for this purpose, and this seems like it will have most of those features (once this service is in full production).  So thats it.  Maybe this will have comments in the future.  We’ll see