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Archive for August, 2005

August 28th, 2005: 12:01 am
The newest aquisitions have come from Superstore, with 150 sheets for 27 cents.  I only got two, but I am now up to 1100 sheets of looseleaf paper!
August 24th, 2005: 7:18 pm
Today was round 4 of Wheatgrass.  While I thought it was starting to taste less foul in general, this week it tasted pretty gross again.
August 12th, 2005: 12:38 am
Way back at some point in high school, department stores declared price wars on looseleaf paper, where it was something like 25 cents for 200 sheets.  Everyone bought massive amounts of paper.  Given that, and the increased computer usage over time, I still actually have some of those packs of looseleaf paper.  Staples has 100 sheets for 10 cents in back to school savings this week.  Thats just too cheap to pass up!
So if its open season on paper sales again, I’m cashing in!  I’ll worry about what to do with the paper in a few years…
August 12th, 2005: 12:34 am
Yesterday was round three of wheatgrass, and some of us at work managed to get two other ‘victims’ to try it.  It actually doesn’t seem so bad any more, so hopefully its good for me!  And considering its only a dollar, theres worse I’ve wasted a dollar on…
August 3rd, 2005: 7:59 pm
Today was round two of this food challenge.  It actually wasn’t as bad as last time… seemed to be less potent!
August 2nd, 2005: 1:11 am
There are nasty fairy rings in the back yard, and supposedly nothing I can do about them.  Drowning them might help strengthen the nearby grass, and keep the dirt that is clean from succumbing to the fungus, so I’ll have to thope that helps.
(DISCLAIMER: FARCE AEAD!!!) It made me think that a suburban terrorist could rise to fame by spreading mushrooms and fairy rings to all the yards, and by buying out all the sod companies.  Here’s hoping that never happens…