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Archive for February, 2007

February 10th, 2007: 5:50 am
Ever wish you could send a fart to somebody special?  Why not do your part to keep postal workers busy by delivering packaged hilarity!
February 9th, 2007: 6:51 am

I like to listen to BBC Radio 1 [ http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/ ] on my Satellite radio every now and then. And I have to say that I like a lot of the BritPop sound that I am hearing. Some of it is a refreshing change from the mainstream music that I like to listen to from this side of the planet. Lately there has been two singers that have caught my attention with really great sound. They have actually started to gain some airtime and attention here, which is promising, and reading other reviews show a potentially strong fanbase.

I instantly loved the Amy Winehouse song "You Know I’m No Good" the first time I heard it, in fact rewinding to hear it over again two more times. The rich deep voice and mysterious style of brass created the perfect feel-good moment.

The other singer, Lily Allen, has some catchy tunes to lay back and groove to. I recommend "Smile", "L.D.N.", and "Littlest Things". Actually, if you get a chance to watch, the music video for "Smile" is very funny.

I have not listened to the rest of the CDs, but I plan to buy them in the near future to check out, and you should too!

February 3rd, 2007: 1:44 am
I think that I have come to this realization before and forgot, but last night I rediscovered that I drive all the way home from work using only left-hand turns!