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November 30th, 2008: 9:17 pm

A few weeks ago most of the neighbourhood was smart and put up their Christmas Lights when it was warm. I was sick and opted for the warmth and comfort of the living room and Xbox 360. I caught a lucky break this weekend with some free time and some decent weather, braved the roof, and set up Version One of the new house Christmas Lights. And Tiffany set up the Tree!

2008 House Christmas Lights

2008 Christmas Tree

November 20th, 2008: 9:59 pm

Tuesday, September 16, 2008:
You’re 30! Surprise! You’re going to LA tomorrow for five days, you’re already packed! And by the way, you have a ticket to go see The Price is Right!

Tiffany sure knows how to make a surprise… the show taped two hours after our plane arrived, and after driving across L.A. and miraculously making it just in time to be last in line, I got to see the Price is Right, live! That was pretty amazing. The show aired today, and I managed to creep into the scene a few times.