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September 11th, 2006: 4:39 am

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of our marriage and continuing adventure, Tiffany and I spent the September long weekend back down in Drumheller.  Only this time we weren’t camping, but enjoying a more luxurious retreat at the Heartwood Inn and Spa.  We spoiled ourselves with a nice room and a massage.

To top off the weekend we even headed out to a Live Dinner Theatre.  Rosebud is a small town that is about 20 minutes away.  If you look on the map, you will see that the town is composed of about four roads.  While you’d think that some production "in the middle of nowhere" would be an amateur quality show at best, you would be dead wrong.  The Rosebud Theatre Company is an amazing find in Alberta.  The dinner is an elaborate (and delicious!) al you can eat buffet.  You are seated in one of five separate rooms, taking away the "eating with everyone" feeling and making it a little more intimate.  Afterwards you head over to the 200-300 seat theatre and enjoy a fantastic production.  It turns out there is an acting school which feeds into this theatre, so this whole ordeal has successfully reinvented this town and kept it from fading into obscurity like so many other Prairie Towns

While it is about 90 minutes from Calgary, it is still worth checking out sometime (we will probably go back on one of our Calgary ventures).  Even better — stay in one of the nearby Bed & Breakfast locations for a weekend adventure of your own!  There is a local museum and stuff that will amuse you and shed light on the history of the region for at least an hour, so go early.

The Drumheller scenery provided us with a great backdrop yet again, and as an added bonus: we watched the sun set twice!  After it set on the town, we drove up out of the valley to see it set once more.