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This looks like it shall be a good event!
Edmonton show Information

April 21st, 2007: 11:26 am

Love Goat Cheese?
No. I don’t.

April 13th, 2007: 11:44 pm

I buckled down for another three year contract with Telus Mobility and got a new phone, the Palm Treo 700wx. I have not played with it much but I have taken a photo of Snickers for your amusement. I used to think that camera phones were stupid, but now I guess I have relaxed my opinion on the matter. It still takes crappy photos, but for those spur of the moment instances when you wish you could have taken a picture (like the thing that happened this morning that you will never know about and I will never remember anyways), it seems like a novel idea.

Snickers Palm Treo 700wx

This amazing magazine shows up in my mail. “Hammacher Schlemmer Spring Preview 2007”. What a weird name. Anyways, its because I placed an order with Brookstone last year, so I’m thinking it’s got to be good. I want one of everything in the catalogue as everything is so fun! Here’s the highlights:

  • The Flying Alarm Clock – I can’t think of a better way to want to torture myself. I would actively try to bat the snot out of the thing if it came near me, but would be worth the energy spent, and would probably in turn get me out of bed.
  • The Biometric Access Safe – anything fingerprinty is good.
  • The HMS Beagle Stormglass – never heard of this before. However it definately caught my interest. Something that can tell you the weather two days in advance, and nobody knows why! This is the thing I want most!
  • The Handheld Germ-Eliminating Light – Hard to know if it actually does anything, and if turns out that it doesn’t, you look like a moron for waving a stick around. However, I am a fan of these ionizing air purifiers, and UV toothbrush cleaners, so I’d give it a go…
  • Hands-Free Over-Ear book light – So I go to bed later than Tiffany, and when I want to read I’d rather not have the light on. This would be ideal.
  • The “Keep Your Distance” Bug Vacuum. – I vacuum bugs already, so having something more portable that claims to also electrocute the bugs dead is a dead ringer for my list
    • This cordless insect vacuum quickly captures bugs from up to 2′ away. Flies, bees spiders and other insects are suctioned by a 22,400 rpm motor, sending the insect through a one-way valve in the extension tube to an electric grid in the handle that instantly kills the pest. The extension tube removes to place dead bugs in the garbage, shutting off the electric grid in the process to protect curious fingers from electrical shocks or burns. Without the use of toxic chemicals or vacuum bags that can serve as breeding grounds, this handheld … allows complete control while chasing flying insects.

  • 2-in-1 Ladder/Hand Truck
    – I need to reach high things and move big stuff around. Something lets me do both?
  • The Solar Powered Illuminated Address Post. – I like solar powered things. I like those solar powered LED lights that decorate suburbia. Would I like to do both and let my friends know which house is mine? Sure.