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Finally escaping the local FM airwaves, I got a Sirius Radio subscription [ http://www.siriuscanada.ca/ ] and have been listening to this for about a month now. Not only has this given me a nice selection of channels to check out on my drive to/from work, but also gives me exposure to different bands and music that I likely would not have heard.

One day I flipped over to the BBC Radio 1 channel that I get [ http://www.siriuscanada.ca/bbcradio1-e.htm ]. The program at the time was local (UK) “brit-pop” bands. This really catchy song came on, and lucky for me that the satellite radio tells you the band and song names. Once home I looked the band on the internet and sampled some more of their music. This band is called the Fratellis, an indie band out of Glasgow, Scotland, and their songs are really catchy! I ordered their CD over eBay (much cheaper than the amazon “import” price) and this is a treat for the ears. Go check them out! I think they may catch on and become popular here too!

You can sample some of their music on their website [ http://www.thefratellis.com/ ] and on their myspace page [ http://www.myspace.com/littlebabyfratelli ].

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October 16th, 2006: 7:12 pm
Edmonton Journal Subscriber Comment Form:
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To: Edmonton Journal
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problem:  I did not receive my newspaper
description: I did not get a Journal paper today, but an Edmonton Sun was in my box!  Gross!  I want this day recredited to me.  Please call me at xxx-xxxx
From: Edmonton Journal
Sent: October 16, 2006 12:36:12 PM
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Thank you for your e-mail.  Your message has been received and a note has been sent to the carrier for the service improvement.  Please accept our apologies, your subscription has been extended for missed delivery.
October 15th, 2006: 9:06 pm

For those who are counting, its Tiffany and my 1500 day anniversary!  Wow!

On our 500th, we were in Costa Rica.  On our 1000th, we were in Ireland.  This time we are at home, but have our sights on another trip to be sure!

October 14th, 2006: 8:56 pm

This weekend Home Depot has a Black & Decker Leaf Blower/Vaccuum/Mulcher that mulches "10 bags of leaves into one!" on sale for $50.  Considering I have never used or seen a leaf blower in action and was particularly curious about them, this sale price prompted me to get a new toy (hey, they are like $100 usually and thats more of an expensive curiosity).

Its fun to blow leaves all over the place!  I don’t know if thats really productive if you just walk around chasing leaves in a circle, but for mindless entertainment I will take it.  As for the vaccuum part, its like vaccuuming your grass if you dont have the leaves in a pile already, but when they are its way better than raking and picking them all up.

So I rate it "fun toy", and maybe this winter I can use it to blow loose snow around.  We’ll have to see.