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December 16th, 2005: 9:34 pm
(yay last day of work for the year!!!)
December 15th, 2005: 11:58 pm
December 14th, 2005: 6:06 pm
December 13th, 2005: 2:20 am
So, on the first day of Christmas, Santa came along and put a turd on the Edmonton radios.  In what is the worst joke ever, 96X has made a radical shift from Top 40 to Country.  This sucks, there is no longer any Top 40 radio station in Edmonton, that isn’t heavy on R&B music, and doesn’t also play garbage from the 80’s and 70’s.
I don’t know why such a big move was needed, but I also don’t know why Power 92 decided to pack it in two years ago either.  What I do know, is this is making the new Satellite Radio options very attractive.
XM Radio
December 12th, 2005: 10:06 pm
December 12th, 2005: 5:38 am
… Apple Danish