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Starting off the Sherwood Park leg of the 2010 Olympic torch relay. I actually caught the torch lighting from the master flame!

2010 Olympic Torch in Sherwood Park

Crayon Physics Deluxe [ http://www.crayonphysics.com/ ] is a puzzle game rendered in crayon drawing. You draw objects on the screen and use these with physics in order to get your crayon ball from start to finish. My brother in law had the iPhone demo last year, which I remember trying and enjoying.

It is an indie game, and this weekend (until January 15, 2010) they are running a ‘pay what you will’ promotion (for the PC version). So go support creative talent, and draw up some fun today!

January 7th, 2010: 8:53 pm

Last night I dreamt that my car went missing, only to find that I parked in a different place. Then when I went to work, all the parking spaces were full and I had to park elsewhere.

January 5th, 2010: 11:04 pm

I don’t think I average 140 characters a day on twitter, but maybe I will try to blog at least 100 words a little more often in the spirit of Brad’s ‘minimum 100 words a day’ Blog a Year a thon for 2010. I have a dislike for blogging about blogging, because I’d rather be spending time blogging about something instead. Blog. And I’m sure anyone who has my e-scrawlings on their screen would much rather read about something instead of reading about blogging.

Maybe it can be healthy. If I made a conscious effort to sit and write about something, it will be something outside the daily sleep[25%]-work[40%]-drive[10%]-eat-game routine. That’s a start.

But maybe I will forget again by weekend, awash in the daily routine. Not that I’m counting, but I’ve passed 100 words, so time’s up. I’m a slow writer.


We just finished the newest Mario offering on the Wii in cooperative mode. You can now have up to four mario (and friends) running, jumping, and falling down pits on screen at the same time — a great addition to the game. You can (and inevitably do) run into and jump off of each other a lot, so it takes a lot of coordination to just play at an adequate level and pass some of the puzzles (read: this can be very frustrating at times, but also for some reason very funny too).

Overall: satisfying. We did complete it in under a week, but the only thing I’d have to say is ‘not enough Yoshi’

Up next: Free for all mode, where we will intentionally try to run into, jump off of, and push the other guy into the pit!