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Archive for September, 2005

September 17th, 2005: 5:21 pm
"Starting Nov. 1, travellers in hospitality class who want a pillow or blanket will have to pay $2 for them."
– Edmonton Journal, Air Canada pillows — for a price, Sept 17, 2005
September 16th, 2005: 2:24 pm
I grew up in an acreage subdivision, where everyone built their homes at the same time.  Not "built their homes" as in how homes are built for you in today’s suburbia, but they actually built their own homes.  As a result, many of those families were pretty close to each other as they grew up.  The neighbouring family’s father has the same birthday as mine, which was kind of neat.  Now they are retired and living in Texas or Mexico somewhere, so, Happy Birthday John Campbell, wherever you are.
September 13th, 2005: 3:37 am
Well, another weekend has come and gone, and was quite relaxing.  In addition to the paper hoarding, I am also trying to buy up the world’s supply of rubbermaid containers.  Soon all of my stuff will be stored in orderly, durable, (and stackable) boxes!
I think the paper sales are mostly over, so I will have to bury this year’s stash in the backyard to keep it safe.  Speaking of paper, I finished Paper Mario 2 for the GameCube sometime last week.  I spent the last two hours thinking that I was almost finished, and it kept going!  But needless to say the adventure is over, but it was fun while it lasted.
Tomorrow I am off to Seattle for a business meeting.  While I was hoping to see the Space Needle, there will not be any time as it’s a quick trip.  Should be fun at any rate, except that I cannot find my Game Boy and don’t know what I will do on the plane!
September 2nd, 2005: 10:08 pm
The 34th street and Whitemud bridge is finally finished!  Yay!
It was even finished when their sign said so, and I have waited ever since I had to start using the Whitemud last summer.  Hurray for through roads!
September 1st, 2005: 5:34 pm
The awesome province of Alberta turned 100 today.  I plan on eating a hamburger in celebration.
(Yesterday was another round of wheatgrass for those keeping score)