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Archive for February, 2008

February 27th, 2008: 6:20 pm

Another metric milestone is upon us. Married for 2000 days! A lot can sure happen in that time. What lies ahead? Stay tuned…

February 17th, 2008: 12:58 am

It appears that Toshiba is pulling the plug on the HD-DVD format, paving the way for Sony Blu-Ray to become the next-gen DVD format. Personally, (and based on absolutely no knowledge about the technology) I was hoping that blu-ray would be the one to tank. I’ve got nothing against Sony, but I did not like that they tried (and failed) to create a new medium for movies with the UMD discs (for the PSP), and this seemed like yet another proprietary format in the beginning. I’m glad this ‘format war’ is over, so that everyone can get to work on mass producing and making Blu-Ray discs and readers cheaper. Fortunately for me, I didn’t buy an HD-DVD player, but was tempted when the price of the Xbox 360 drives dropped to $130 recently (and now, they’ll probably be giving the rest of their stock away). But until I can buy blu-ray movies for about $20, I’m not likely to get with this program anytime soon.

And hopefully they make a blu-ray player for the Xbox 360, so that I don’t have to make room under the tv for one more device.