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Back to work for another year. If I had any advice at the moment it is this: as you return from your holidays and get back to work, try not to get caught up in a daily routine. If time off work is a detox, the work-centric routine is the poison. While its important to focus for work and do your best in order to make a paycheque and afford to live, being too focused robs you of the ability to remember the smaller details, like taking the garbage out before leaving for work, or even just taking some time to wipe down the mirrors.

I’m sure that once I get hardened into a daily routine again, I will argue against this, but it is the healthier approach. Keeping the stress away results in better sleeps at night, and better mental capacity in the daytime.

January 5th, 2007: 3:32 am
So its a new year, time for a new tracker.  What should I track this year?  I haven’t tallied up the burgers from 2006 yet, but it has been fun running it for the year.  Post your ideas in the comments!