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August 7th, 2011: 12:26 pm

After stumbling across an old closeup photo of Snickers, I decided to get out my prime lens and get something more recent. Snickers was in a calm mood and seemed mostly cooperative of the camera being shoved in his face. I have a hard time working with manual focus in general, let alone a tiny range of focus (f/1.4). While this leads to many blurry photos going into the digital trash can, I’m happy to still get a few nice ones out of the lot. Thankfully this time, I culled all the out of focus ones first (with Tiffany’s help), so that I am not storing loads of photos for future me to sift through.

This was one of the first photos in the batch. Interesting how sometimes one of the first few becomes the one you like the most…

Bonus photo:

May 23rd, 2007: 6:03 pm

When Snickers is chewing on something, he knows that you know he’s chewing on something. He stops chewing on it and keeps it tightly in his mouth. When you go to get it out, the jaws clench up of course.

This time, when I popped the mystery object out of his mouth and onto the floor, it turned out to be a giant bee!!!

Fortunately for Snickers, it does not appear that he was stung or anything (that would be infinite pain on the tongue I would imagine). It makes me wonder how this happened though. Can a bee really have been flying by only to get chomped right out of the air???

November 6th, 2006: 5:51 am

We made our way to Vegreville last weekend to get a puppy. He is five months old, and loves to be pet!

Snickers: November 2006