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Archive for August, 2008

August 18th, 2008: 9:23 pm

All this wonderfully warm weather makes for some impressive lightning and thunder shows. Last night was viewed in lightning strikes per second. Once the windows got too wet I had to pack it in, but there are still some great photos to be enjoyed. Click over here to see them.


Presenting some materials at work this week, I realized I wanted to mark up the screen at select times while I was talking. While a laser pointer would have been sufficient to get people to look at an item of interest at a given time, it would not allow me to further illustrate any points.

Enter the tiny software program called ZoomIt. At your whim, you can freeze a screen, and proceed to draw, type, and otherwise mark it up as if it were a whiteboard. When you are done, it all erases and you are back to your original screen/presentation.

The amusing thing is that this small feature was almost as impressive as the stuff I was talking about. Almost ;)

ZoomIt is available alongside other useful utilities in the Sysinternals collection.

August 5th, 2008: 11:18 pm

The World just got a tiny bit smaller for Lola.

After much excitement watching Snickers chase his ball countless times – to the point that her arm waving practically has her hovering above the ground – Lola decides she wants the ball. Very badly. So badly that she willed herself in its general direction, gave a pull with her arms, then a push with her legs, and had traversed about a foot in order to connect one extended finger on one extended arm to a drool covered red ball.


She even repeated her stunt for mommy after being whisked upstairs and placed on the floor with ball in sight.