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March 29th, 2006: 6:11 am
Today the Costco in Sherwood Park had its Grand Opening celebrations. The store was open but you couldn’t buy anything. Instead it was a festval of free food. Not only was the hot dogs and all that free, but they had full meals and cake out for all to enjoy! Store opens tomorrow for real business. Woohoo!
March 29th, 2006: 6:07 am
So last week I was at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California.  It was very informative, and a great getaway from the snow for almost a week!  I explored the area with a friend on the weekend:
  • couldn’t find the Google building (kinda ironic if you think about it), but found a Krispy Kreme by accident
  • found the Google building (after the donuts), but left the parking lot and turned the wrong way onto a one-way lane (it was dark out)
  • saw the Yahoo! building and made a sudden off-ramp exit
  • saw the ebay building on the way to the airport and made another sudden U-Turn into their parking lot
  • found and bought one of those squid power bar things!  (See March 16)
March 16th, 2006: 6:38 pm
This is totally a great idea so that your big plugins don’t block space on your power bar!  http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/001165.php
Note that I made sandwiches in the morning.  I did not buy a triple hamburger.
Today’s experiment involves carrying around a camera for the day.  What will I see?
(apparently if you want to see the comments, you have to view the photos from the photo album section)
March 7th, 2006: 1:03 am
I got to see Stomp and Lord of the Dance last month.  Both containing addictive percussive beats.  Lord of the Dance was great, and was what I was expecting instead of Celtic Tiger a few months ago.  And Stomp was something I wanted to see since seeing the Blue Man Group perform.  It was everything I was hoping for!