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September 5th, 2007: 7:24 pm

Near the end of winter I look forward to summer and the arrival of fresh loads of these fruit arriving in the stores. And then the whole summer goes by and I usually forget to buy some, or can never find ones that look good. And then it never fails at the end of summer I have the best one, and wish I had been eating them all summer…

June 1st, 2007: 10:21 am

I hate Impark. Yesterday at lunch, I spent time on the patio at work booing the Impark guy issuing a ticket and patrolling the lot. Tom and Ryan joined me. The Impark guy heard us and looked up at us for a few seconds, and unphased, we continued to boo. Not loudly, barely above a talking level even, but it was enough to get noticed.

This guy is presumably doing his job, and I probably don’t dislike him specifically. But as a representative of the evil Impark company, he is eligible to receive my opinions about the company he works for. It wasn’t the first time I have booed him, and won’t be the last. And it makes me feel better too!

June 13th, 2006: 4:53 am
Who really gives a crap?  These commercials are really annoying.  You know, if I want to eat pizza, and I am eating pizza, I really don’t care if it came from a restaurant or the freezer if it tastes good.  Stop wasting my life thirty seconds at a time with your stupid commercials.
June 4th, 2006: 7:04 pm

Let’s consider that last bit of time without any new posts a Spring Break, and that this is a new season of posts.

The last while has seen some traveling, and rental cars.  Late April was spent at my cousin’s wedding in Sask (congratulations again!).  Some 2000 km were put on a rental car over a 3 day period.  I’m sure they are wondered "what the hell?" but it was fun to do some highway driving with a newer car thats not a diesel.  At some point later on I will have some photos posted of rural Saskatchewan style.

A few weeks ago saw us off to sunny Los Angeles (not that it wasnt sunny here at the same time) for some shopping, sight-seeing, and Disney.  Driving around out there is a little zanier, but even though the traffic is denser, it actually is a lot more free-flowing, making it pretty easy as long as you are paying attention.  Also good: car pool lanes!

So now its time to be local for a while.  And clean the house/garage up.

June 4th, 2006: 6:56 pm

– social networking & finding things out from people indirectly over time
– coupons — cheap?
– blog effect (other people starting blogs)
– other people use blogs as excuse to not communicate

Note that I made sandwiches in the morning.  I did not buy a triple hamburger.