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June 4th, 2006: 7:04 pm

Let’s consider that last bit of time without any new posts a Spring Break, and that this is a new season of posts.

The last while has seen some traveling, and rental cars.  Late April was spent at my cousin’s wedding in Sask (congratulations again!).  Some 2000 km were put on a rental car over a 3 day period.  I’m sure they are wondered "what the hell?" but it was fun to do some highway driving with a newer car thats not a diesel.  At some point later on I will have some photos posted of rural Saskatchewan style.

A few weeks ago saw us off to sunny Los Angeles (not that it wasnt sunny here at the same time) for some shopping, sight-seeing, and Disney.  Driving around out there is a little zanier, but even though the traffic is denser, it actually is a lot more free-flowing, making it pretty easy as long as you are paying attention.  Also good: car pool lanes!

So now its time to be local for a while.  And clean the house/garage up.