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June 7th, 2006: 7:56 pm
Tiffany has been a part of a local film called SEG/ME/NTS which is about to make its big debut.  This is really exciting as there is a lot of hard work put into this, and it is about to get its public exposure.  If you would like to come and show your support, it will be playing at the Roxy Theatre (10708-124 Street) on June 16, 17, and 18.
Friday – June 16th – Showtime: 8pm
Saturday – June 17th – Showtime: 8pm
Sunday – June 18th – Showtime: 2pm
Admission is $10 except for Sunday, which is "pay what you can"
SEG/ME/NTS is an epic urban crime drama, consisting of three self-contained, yet interconnected films: THE INTRUDER, MUSICAL CHAIRS and VISIONS.
  • In THE INTRUDER, we follow the adventures of a cat burglar who becomes obsessed with breaking into people’s homes – just to watch them sleep.
  • MUSICAL CHAIRS is the story of six strangers who wake one morning to find themselves poisoned by a man they’ve never met.
  • VISIONS tells the tale of a police detective afflicted with premonitions of murders before they take place.
More information, including trailers, can be seen at http://www.tyrantpictures.com  Click it now!
See you there