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January 23rd, 2006: 10:15 pm
With the new year, I want to track how many burgers I eat, and how often.  Suprisingly, it took just over three weeks to have my first burger of the year!  That seems like an oddity…
January 17th, 2006: 7:06 pm
This last five days have been spent sick and trapped at home.  The joys include:
  • many sleepless nights
  • can’t breathe (!)
  • chills, and waking up in a cold damp sweat
  • Jell-O
  • kleenex
  • boredom
  • useless Extra Strength Tylenol Cold
January 13th, 2006: 1:06 am
Our bathtub tap (hot water) started dripping slowly a few months ago.  "Whatever, its not bad."  It started to get worse, and I got to watch the utility bill go up a little too.  "Oh well, maybe later I’ll look at it."  During the holidays it was a brisk dripping.  "Well we don’t want to risk calling in a plumber over the holidays".  But now it was almost a steady stream, so we had to finally give it a try.  Two trips to Home Depot later, we have a drip free bathtub again!  And the showers are nice and hot again…
January 11th, 2006: 4:48 am
One or more people seem to think they have my email address.  And they have shared their email address with their friends.  So I am getting Other People’s Email, and I am sick of it, so I am going to share them with you!

Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 19:07:38 -0600
From: Julia Smith <julia.smith18@gmail.com>
To: Sandy Smith <ssmith@direction.ca>,
 Glenn Smith <gsmith@direction.ca>, 
 Christa Smith < MY EMAIL >:( >, 
 Jenna Smith <innovation@direction.ca>, 
 Nicolas Croze <ncroze@hotmail.com>
Subject: Happy New Year!
Allo la famille! Bonne Annee!
I’ve been having a blast here in Winterpeg, though it’s not very wintery. People are actually complaining that it’s too mild here, but I’m finding the weather great. It’s been hovering below 0 and that’s just fine by me. We spent New Year’s at a CMU party, and went to the fireworkds at The Forks at midnight, which was really fun. I also went skiing for the first time a few days ago at Frost Fire "Mountain" in North Dakota. It;s about the size of Mount Royal, so it’s more like a bump, but it was challenging enough for me and I spent a greater part of the day on my bum, for which I am paying now. No major injuries except a little pull in my arm, but it’s feeling a lot better today.
I love you all and hope you had a great week.
Bisous, Julia


January 10th, 2006: 5:07 am
Well the Christmas holidays have come and gone, and it looks like come Boxing Day, almost everyone (including myself) threw out all concepts of ‘The Value of a Dollar’ and went on a frenzy.  Store shelves were picked bare and stayed bare the entire week!  I have not seen this kind of sellout in previous Boxing Weeks.
And so 2005 is now in the past.  It was a phenominal year, given that I got to spend a third of it on vacation, travelling around the world.  And I have no expectation for 2006 to provide anything near that epic.  But at the same time, I look to enjoy every week of this year just as much.  Whether its spending time playing games with friends, adventuring around the city with my wife, or exploring new frontiers at work.
This year I didn’t think about any New Year’s Resolutions.  I don’t think it was a lack of motivation thing, just more that nothing needs changing at the moment.  That’s that.
Work started up January 2, with a foggy morning.  While it sucked to have to go back when some people got the day off, it was nice to have almost no traffic on the road.  That whole week was pretty light on the roads actually, and starting today it picked up again.  It was good while it lasted.
January 6th, 2006: 10:34 pm
Stick a Del Monte sticker on it!