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January 26th, 2015: 10:14 pm

Sunday, January 18, 2015, Sherwood Park Boston Pizza

We had a Sunday lunch with the in-laws at Boston Pizza. I’d already had pizza the day before, and didn’t feel like having another one so soon. I like the variety on their menu, but wasn’t craving anything in particular. I’d never tried their pizzaburger, so it seemed like a good time to deal with that curiosity. Its a burger, it has BP’s pizza dough, and bacon. All good things, right? Oh and pepperoni. Because pizza.

The Boston Pizza PizzaBurger

The Boston Pizza PizzaBurger

It’s a hot, greasy mess. I couldn’t pick it up, and because it is encased, it cools off very slowly. That’s just as well, because it was really greasy, and it would have fallen apart if I held it. The bacon was a nice touch, but pepperoni and burgers don’t mix on my opinion.

Technically, its a burger, so it goes on the ol’ tracker. I actually couldn’t finish the thing. I don’t plan on ordering that ever again, but hey, now I know. Right?